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Elevate Your Voice.

Élève Voice Studio was founded on the idea that honoring your unique interests and talents will allow you to create more joy in life and explore the full possibilities of your potential.

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Private Voice Lessons

Register for weekly private voice lessons. Available either online or in-person (depending on location). Scheduled in 30 min. intervals at a regularly appointed time or in flexible monthly packages.

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Teaching the Whole Singer

Discover how singing can further enrich your life with voice teachers who see you as a whole person and not just another voice. Strengthen your technique as a singer and learn how to further implement useful skills in other applicable areas of your life for a more fulfilling experience.

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Extra Resources

Take advantage of our extra resources. Learn at your own pace with multiple online courses and free educational materials that can serve as supplemental aids to your vocal development.

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I've learned how to problem solve, work towards specific goals, and to be brave in sharing my talents. Having voice lessons in general not only allowed me to de-stress and find joy in music, but also helped me be more confident in myself in all aspects of my life.

— Sarah L.

Start Where You Are

Establish a strong foundation of singing fundamentals.

With each passing lesson, you’ll build a greater understanding of healthy vocal techniques and gain insight on how to troubleshoot your own vocal inconsistencies.

About Élève Voice Studio

The etymology of élève (pronounced ay-lev) is to raise up. In French, an élève is a student. In English, it’s clear to see the relation to the word elevate. That’s our purpose: to lift up our students and help them become more than they are.

At Élève Voice Studio, we prioritize teaching students about that inherent worth that they possess and the change they can bring about in their own lives when they prioritize their growth, and choose to let their voice be heard.

We want to help YOU elevate YOUR voice!

Judgment-Free Zone

Learn from your mistakes in a warm and inviting environment.

You’ll feel supported throughout the learning process with kindness over criticism, empathy over insensitivity, and open two-way communication.

Personalized Attention

Reach your goals and progress at your own comfortable pace.

Each lesson is personalized to your abilities in order to fulfill your specific vocal needs, meet you where you’re at, and give you the attention you deserve.


Laws of Singing

5 Truths to Improving your Voice

As voice teachers, we came to find the root of almost all vocal inconsistencies and obstacles experienced by our students could be solved by one of these 5 principles.

Singing at its core is just cooperating with the laws of physics and acoustics.

But what exactly are these laws??

Let us share them with YOU in an easily digestible, completely broken down, ready-to-apply format.

And did we mention that it’s FREE?

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My teacher was able to break things down until she figured out what works for my voice, my physical anatomy, and my personality. She helped me understand my voice in a way YEARS of voice lessons has neglected — and I did some serious work at a conservatory in New York! She helps you build technique based on trust and support, instead of stress and pushing. She is the most kind and understanding voice teacher I've ever had!

— Madeline T.


Have you ever taken a moment to listen to how a singer is producing their sound and then stopped to think about what it would feel like to replicate that sound in your own voice?

We answer this question and more in The Voice Lessons Podcast - it's not just about the voice lessons, it's about the lessons we learn through the voice.


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Elevate to a higher way of singing.

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